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"Bringing women over to the lighter side of sports
and men over to the lighter side of women."

Lisa Belkov-Snyder
"Sports talk will never be the same" is how listeners, athletes, coaches and sports fans describe the broadcasts of Lisa Belkov Snyder.  Her lively wit, professional knowledge and cut-to-the-chase journalism has changed the direction of sports talk outside of the standard everyday analysis, replays and Monday morning quarterbacking.  Whether she's in Colorado on ESPN 1580 or as a guest on various sports talk shows around the country, Lisa shares her curiosity and passion for sports everywhere she goes.  Famous for her "Plan B" question at a major NFL press conference, Lisa shows she's not afraid to ask the tough questions to which her audience wants answers. At the same time, you can also find her emceeing charity sports event, raising awareness for kids to get involved in sports, championing young women interested in sports journalism and serving on the selection committee of COLORADO SPORTSWOMEN OF THE YEAR and the GiveSports Advisory Board of A PRECIOUS CHILD. Broncos Fans at the NFL Draft Day in New York City!